What This Federal “Task Force” Means for Cannabis Investors

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Sometimes it feels like panic is our new national pastime.

Smart investors like you, however, know better than to jerk their knee every time the mainstream media sensationalizes a story.

That said, I subscribe to the theory that an occasional reminder can be helpful.

With Attorney General Jeff Sessions talking before the weekend about starting some sort of anti-weed task force with vague goals – other than “violent crime reduction” – perhaps a pep talk is in order.

If you’ve invested in legal cannabis stocks, the most important thing to remember is that President Donald Trump has already given a green light to medical marijuana. Trump has said repeatedly that cannabis holds great promise for a wide range of conditions, from pain relief to combating nausea in cancer patients taking chemo or radiation therapy. Press Secretary Sean Spicer backed this up recently.

Trump would need to pull an unlikely 180 to pose any threat to the medical marijuana initiatives underway in 28 U.S. states.

Plus, think back to the president’s first official address to a joint session of Congress. He mentioned marijuana zero times.

This tells me that he’s not going to commit a significant amount of time, political capital, and/or enforcement resources for one of his underlings’ pet projects. After all, there are plenty of other pressing issues on his “to-do” list (tax reform, healthcare, infrastructure, “The Wall,” GDP growth, etc.).

It should be reassuring that the previous time marijuana flat-Earther Sessions tried to demonize cannabis, in mid-March, there was no lasting stock sell-off.

In fact, most of the marijuana stocks I follow closely are trading well above where they were four weeks ago.

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And I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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