These Two Triggers Are About to Create Fast Fortunes for Cannabis Investors

2 | By Michael A. Robinson

Last week, I showed you just how profitable “frontier investing” can be.

It’s a deceptively simple, powerful approach I use to help my Nova-X Report readers make fast fortunes: Research a good investment, build a thesis, target the best stock before Wall Street analysts know it exists, and let the profits come to you as the crowd piles in.

Silicon Valley is a hotbed of this kind of investing – one where my readers have been able to make a killing. Biotech, rare earths, and cryptocurrencies are three others.

Cannabis investing is the latest and most profitable.

It’s easier now than it’s ever been to get wired into the growth of the legal marijuana sector.

And even after the sweep of states legalizing cannabis on Nov. 8, there’s plenty more of that growth on the way.

Today we’ll look at why that’s true.

And how you can get in on it…

Baiting the “Crowd”

As recently as 2013, legally sanctioned “medical marijuana” was worth about $1.5 billion in sales.

But in 2017 – when more than half the states have some form of legal medical or recreational use laws – the cannabis sector will be worth $6.7 billion.

And it will be worth $35 billion by 2020… and $100 billion by 2029.

pot stocksThat represents huge, long-term profit potential for investors on the “frontier” right now.

There’s been a new development, though, that, as I said, makes it easy to tap into the upside here.

Even better, it represents a massive leap forward in the credibility of the entire cannabis sector – irresistible bait for the “crowd” who are going to pour in and boost early investor profits.

You see, cannabis just joined the ETF game.

This week marked the historic launch of the Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (TSE: HMMJ) on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

This first-of-its-kind fund is composed of 14 Canadian and U.S. cannabis stocks.

A marijuana exchange-traded fund offers a “one-stop shot” for broad sector exposure. What’s more, it can limit losses and maximize upside, and, therefore, it offers one safe way to play the $6.7 billion North American cannabis market.

Here’s why…

ETFs help protect investors through diversification that offsets losses from single stocks – after all, some marijuana stocks can be volatile.

But there’s also plenty of “upside volatility.” I’ve seen individual weed stocks across the market zoom as much as 1,016%, 630%, 243%, 182%, and 158%.

I’m expecting a fresh round of gains to come in, thanks a revolutionary development up across the “frontier” – in Canada

“Let’s get this ‘on tape,’ Michael, and reveal it to a select group of our members.”I speak with Money Morning Executive Editor Bill Patalon almost every day. And a few times a year, I share our conversations here in Q&A format. It’s a relationship – and a tradition – that I find valuable. I hope you do, too. With so many years in this business, Bill is chock-full of knowledge and good ideas – and he’s a great guy… I’m proud to call him a friend.

Now, we’re doing something a bit different. You see, during our latest conversation, I told Bill that I have evidence that the legal marijuana market in Canada is about to go ballistic… that the legalized marijuana promises to spark a $22.6 billion industry in the Great White North alone… and that I’ve uncovered a number of mostly tiny “pot” companies trading for under $5.

Bill’s reaction? “Let’s get this ‘on tape,’ Michael, and reveal it to a select group of our members.” So that’s what we’re doing this Thursday, April 13, at 6 p.m. ET. I hope you’ll join me and Bill for this FREE Pot Stock Millionaire Summit.

One thing: To take part in this crucial event, we have to save you a spot. And you only have a couple more days to do so. To reserve yours, just click here. My team will send you a special notice and instructions on how to participate.

See you then.

The Great Green North

March 27, 2017, is going to go down as a pivotal day for cannabis investors.

In fact, I’m already calling it “Green Monday.”

That’s the day some leaks out of the capital, Ottawa, revealed some hard details about plans underway to legalize and regulate marijuana not just in one province, but in the entire country.

The bottom line is this: If everything goes according to plan, and the country’s parliament and prime minister act as they’ve said they will, we’re looking at full nationwide medicinal and recreational legalization on July 1, 2018.

Uruguay’s legalization aside, this’ll mark the first time a fully developed economy has gone for full legalization. Remember, even in the famously weed-friendly Netherlands, use is simply decriminalized tolerated.

The news sent pot-stock investors into a buying frenzy, sparking huge gains in many of the sector’s best stocks.

So, according to my “frontier investing” concept, we’re at a critical point. The market is starting to catch up with what you and my Nova-X Report readers have known for about six months: Legal marijuana is all but inevitable, including here in the United States.

All we have to do is wait for the gains. But we don’t want to be complacent and sit around while we wait…

How to Profit From This Unprecedented Event

Now, it took me a year to research and assemble The Roadmap to Marijuana Millions, but of course I’ve never stopped my search for the best weed investments.

I’ve found five small companies – some of them trade for less than $5 now – that are uniquely positioned to profit when Canada pulls the trigger and takes pot fully legal.

Judging by the “Green Monday” gains, investors who grab these stand to potentially make a fortune – I’m talking the kind of money that turns a tiny stake into $100,000 or more.

I’ve compiled everything you need to know about these Canadian stocks into a unique investment research resource.

I’m calling it How to Make a Fast Fortune on Canada’s Upcoming Total Legalization of Marijuana.

I’ve worked on this for several months.

It’s a complete and thorough analysis of five Canadian weed stocks that could deliver 1,000%+ windfall profits to investors – some by multiples of 10, 20, or more.

If you want to get in position to cash out from this historic legislation that will completely legalize marijuana throughout the entire Great White North, How to Make a Fast Fortune is your ticket.

I’m presenting all my latest research in a free online event (a Pot Stock Millionaire Summit) on Thursday, April 13, 2017, at 6 p.m. Eastern. During the summit, I’ll show you how to get ahold of this new research resource.

Like I said, the market is starting to catch on here, so I’m expecting spots to go fast. And there’s only a couple more days to reserve your spot.

Click here to do so – and you’ll be among the first to check out my latest findings.

See you then.

And I’ll see you back here later this week.

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  1. Susan Hicken says:

    I read all these emails about how good these pot investments are, but I never see how to go about investing. I have never invested before, and I have no idea how to go about doing it.

  2. Anthony A Demasi says:

    My name is Anthony Demasi. Unemployed right right now. I watched the “Pot Stock Millionaire Summit” on July 25 2017. After watching I could not afford the book “Pot Stock Millionaire Canada’s legalization”. Can I still by the book? I have never invested before. Don’t know where to begin and what to do. Can you help me please? Thank you for your time.

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