Now It’s Your Turn

43 | By Michael A. Robinson

This is just a quick note to let you know that I’m still at work on the big project I mentioned earlier this week.

I’m putting this special series together because I’ve done a great deal of research about a specific technology – and that research has revealed that this breakout tech threatens the livelihoods and fortunes of a huge chunk of humanity.

That may sound scary.

However, that same research has also revealed ways that tech investors can protect themselves and their families from this dire threat – and to build even more wealth.

I’ll be back next week with the start of this series.

But in the meantime, I need some help from you, the members of the Strategic Tech Investor family.

Start here…

I Need Your Help

As part of that project, I’m also “polishing” the focus here at Strategic Tech Investor.

I’ll still be bringing you tech investments that put you on the Road to Wealth each and every week. But I also want to help make you all better moneymakers by building your “investment muscles.”

And to do that, I need to know about who you folks are – and where you need the most help.

Are you a beginner who still needs help finding a broker – or even is still working on figuring out exactly what a “stock” is? Or are you a veteran who’s ready to delve into options and shorting?

Are you more interested in the nuts and bolts of the technology behind the investments I bring you? Or maybe you want to know more about the high-tech advancements still in the development or brainstorming stages – the technologies you can’t invest in yet… but that you want to get ahead of before everyone else finds out about them.

I want to know.

I also want to know about which companies and other investments you want to hear the most about – and those you never want to hear about again.

So I’m asking you, over the next few days, to leave a comment below to let me know what you’re thinking.

Tell me who what kind of investor you are, the biggest successes you’ve had from my suggestions here… and what you’d like to see in the future.

While I won’t be able to fulfill every request and answer every question, I will read all of your comments and take them into consideration moving forward.

Thanks so much for your time and attention. I’ll be back next week with that special series.

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43 Responses to Now It’s Your Turn

  1. Virginia HICKS says:

    I have been transacting for 2 1/2 years. I can do two legged options. But I cannot short except by buying a put. I have not bothered to audit your recommendations because I like Strategic Tech Investor so much. I wold like to see options in the future.

  2. John Mitchell says:

    i would like you to occasionally mention where you would put $1000 to work for a short term gain. Be it anything you have already recommended or something different. Speculative equity???

  3. Sally Griffiths says:

    I am a 64 year old retired secretary who has been learning about investing since retiring five years ago. I have subscribed to all publications out there during this time and have cancelled all except MMP. I LOVE and have a subscription to all off the MoneyMapPress team now and invest using your recommendations while using Marketsmith/Investors Business Daily for technical confirmation as to my entry timing. During my first few years of trading I lost half of my IRA but learned my lessons, licked my wounds and have averaged a 20%@ annual return using MMP and Investors Business Daily for the last year and a half. Am on target to have climbed my way back to even by the end of 2016 thanks to you and the rest of your team! My problem is deciding which recommendations to follow because they are all so good and I don’t have enough money to invest in all! I’m sorry I can’t make any recommendations for you….. I love it all!!!

  4. Dee Marie says:

    We need to build our retirement portfolio. Thinking this robust market is about to correct it is necessary for us to find investments that do not include too much risk and preserve capital. New Technologies are good if the management is sound that is why we need an investigator like you!

  5. david says:

    Looking for the investable opportunities,regardless if in tech or not.Companies who maybe doing the innovative thing but we should be made aware of and the time frame to invest is either in the present or foreseable future.Also updates on technology coming that we should be aware of.Things we should consider shorting.Options for beginners and not overly pricey to participate for the instruction.Global opportunities,outside the usa.

  6. Marcialito Nuestro says:

    I am new to your service. But made some money so far with some trades. I wish I had joined earlier. I want ot buy an hold but also do day trading and options trading.

  7. MARC FACCHINI says:

    I would like you to focus on 4-5 stocks max. per year and 2-3 option opportunities per quarter.

    Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by your number of recommendations.

    For example if you focused on a maximum of 4-5 stock recommendations with +100% or more upside that would be easier for me to follow.

  8. andrew klein says:

    Would you comment on the Lithium mining sector in relation to Tesla and Hathaway bidding on one of the smaller companies with large assets in the ground?

  9. Rhea says:

    When you begin you have no idea how uninformed you are. Now I at least know where to focus. I have about 5 mentors. You are one. You’re the tech guy, telling me which stocks are the drivers with the most cash in tech. I’m looking at one year strong returns, 5 year safe strong stocks and Just now getting comfortable with short term hedging, i.e, SH, RYURX, and am interested in selling puts. Everything I read about options tells me that puts are the safest. I did have options training 10 yrs ago and followed their poor advice, not one trade worked out.
    My biggest mistake is loving a company and wanting it too succeed, and then investing in them. Now I just love them and hope they succeed. I do not invest in them unless they have a trend, have revenue/cash, etc.

  10. Olive Duhaney says:

    My husband and I are retired with a small portfolio. All the talk about a Crash is very unsettling.
    I want to know more about NXPI, Facebook Skyworks and Apple.

  11. A list a lot of your tapes or recording's very interesting but Frank says:

    A list a lot of your tapes or recordings is very interesting, but I am not comfortable jumping the gun on some of the stuff yet. I have bought some of your stocks you’ve recommended. Timing is always an issue with me, and I still learn a lot about markets. Everything I want to do costs money to join.

  12. Shawn says:

    I am not entirely a novice, however, only restarted association with stocks about 2.5 years ago. Regarding a balance in our portfolio, we hold more dividend DRIP type stocks than other types. We have a speculative biotech, we have a few tech type and robotic and we have some small energy/resource stocks. We probably subscribe to too many associated newsletters but I do read them all. Its been a learning experience and understanding more is fun. We understand the trend of the IoT is moving forward all time and are always looking to integration with possibly more in that sector.

  13. Jerry Roth says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’m a 78 year old retired EE who loves tech and reading your research. However, the best part is when you tell us how to make money on the deal and when to invest. I check my email every day, and like the quick action the most.

    I have been investing since 1980. I like to short with ETFs, but I dislike options.

  14. John says:

    I care most about young micro-cap tech stocks. Also important to me are trends in tech that the Microsofts of world are researching and developing that are transforming those large caps into new companies.

  15. Xin says:

    I am a beginner at investment on stocks. But I love your recommendation. And I adjusted my portfolio constantly. I followed all your four recent option alerts. And made great profit. Thanks a lot! And I love watching your research reports.

  16. Ron Smith says:

    At 73, I been in the markets a little over 50 years. I do Options and Shorting. I love ‘All’ kinds of Technology from large, stable cash cows to small, disruptive and innovative firms. As a retired Registered Investment Advisor, I no longer doing my own research but love new ideas presented first in brief summary form, with all the lengthy/detailed backup if I am interested. I’m paying you for what you think and why you think your right. Bold, unequivocal and assertive! Statements like, “This Tech is going to work because of A, B & C, and this is the Need it fills! I like companies with strong, knowledgeable management with skin in the game. Equities with Options available are a plus, high cash positions with low debt are a plus, a good list of customers is a plus, dividends (rare) are a plus, thick margins are a plus, enough shares outstanding to reduce manipulation is a plus, institutional ownership is a plus (smart money). I could go on Michael, but you get my drift. Regards, RLS

  17. Markyboy says:

    Hi Micheal, I am a short term growth stock buyer/seller who in very interested in the tech sector, hence that is where I invest a lot. I use technical analysis for buy/sell signals. I use your newletter for ideas and research since I don’t have time to do it myself. I will typically look at your recommendations, look at chart, and follow them waiting to get a buy signal.

    I find your knowledge and expertise to be excellent and have put a lot of faith in your recommendations over the years. Not all have worked out, but that’s the game. It’s fun nevertheless.

    I do wish I could somehow opt out of all the “special offers, make yourself rich deals” that are offered under your banner. I don’t buy into any of that and actually think you guys do yourselves a disservice by offering them. You cheapen your brand.

    Anyway, hope this helps in some way. . Keep up the great work.

  18. Surendra Bhat says:

    I am a veteran investor with over 40 years of experience. I have invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and Options. My investment goal is to strive for double and triple digit returns on my investments. It is simple as that.
    I am a new subscriber to Nova X and Radical Technology. Most of the stocks that I have purchased so far, are performing well. Some have negative returns. Your Options recommendations have done exceptionally well, and I thank you.
    I am an engineer with a Ph.D. in Engineering Science and Mechanics. As such, I am very much interested in the nuts and bolts of the technology behind the investments, and you are doing a great job in bringing them and explaining them to your readers!

  19. Robert Waddell says:

    Long-term investor but do not do options. Like nuts and bolts but care little about concepts not on the market. You do a great job, so keep up the good work.

  20. Hyon says:

    I’m a beginner in stock investing. My goals are to build a money making portfolio. I love tech and pharmaceutical companies, especially if I can get in on the early stages. Enjoy your advice and a thorough in-depth look into potential companies to invest. Thank you!

  21. LARRY BLACK says:

    Michael, awesome homework. I love the Million Dollar Portfolio. I really need this because I want to secure my retirement. Your service is “Outstanding.”
    I will be following you forever. Thanks.

  22. Guy Boulanger says:

    I know what stock is, buy and sell, put alert on stock buy at a lower price or sell at a higher price than the market .

    But i really dont know nothing about Options, Put, shorthing, and all the fancy words used by your kind of people, or people having your knowledge.

  23. Steve Bartlett says:

    My age is 84, but my wife is only 70. We live mostly on Social Security (currently about $50,000 per year), plus nearly $12,000 annual withdrawals from IRA accounts. Not counting home equity (now about $185,000), we have about $480,000 invested, approximately $225,000 of it conservatively invested (including an annuity that next year will start paying out $12,000 per year to us, for our remaining lives, in addition to above noted low-risk income sources). The remaining ~$255,000 of liquid investments is aggressively invested in speculative stocks (about $100,000 in small and micro caps that you and others have recommended), ETFs and mutual funds.

    We do not consider our lifestyle extravagant, but we can’t seem to get our annual expenditures (including mortgage, home maintenance and repairs, food eaten in and out, taxes, etc.) below about $90,000–and we are concerned that we will run out of money before we (especially my wife) run out of life. Unfortunately, for fifteen years I have been uninsurable due to health history, so I cannot protect my wife’s future with life insurance. An unpredictable risk factor: possible future, expensive, health complications. Our long-term ace in the hole may be a reverse mortgage, assuming residential real estate does not fall into another deep market hole and stay there. (I am not particularly optimistic about the outlook for the global economy over the next decade, which is why I prefer liquid assets to real estate.)

    I have about fifty years of of experience investing in mutual funds and ETFs, and an occassional stock (only in the last 18 months have I ventured into your kind of territory, with mixed results), but I do not consider myself particularly sophisticated. For example, I have never used options, short sales, etc. My $100,000 venture into small and micro caps is in hopes that a few big winners can double our assets, into a range where we can feel more secure.

    A problem I have with all of the Money Morning services: Every week each of the services, including yours, brings to us ever more great sounding investments—but in order to invest any more investments I have to sell last weeks recommendations….or last months….or last years.

  24. Ben C Buttress says:

    Disabled Engineer and rookie investor, four years from 65 with a small IRA. In need of a “life changing” trade. My trading account should be set up by 8/26. Please keep the small-cap plays coming!

  25. John Mori says:

    I have lost what little I had. After 10 or 12 years, I have not been able to grasp what is necessary. I must still be a beginner. I have paid for newsletters, only to lose with their recommendations.

  26. Laurel Gregorian says:

    I am 71 and in charge of the family’s money; I have about $411,000 in stocks. I like to read about high tech and to own dividend payers like DLR, IBM, T, GE, Texas Instruments. I just bought Tableau Software and Veeva. I usually buy 100 shares of each to start and buy more if it goes up. I am down on Sanofi, NXPI, Mobileye but will wait a year.

    My broker manages about $100,000 of my total with my input. He chose a First Trust Tech Dividend fund doing well. I just sold Apple to buy Data and Veeva. I don’t have new money to put into this project; I just have to juggle what works and what does not work, so I tend to sell too early to catch a new recommendation.

    Perhaps you have too many good ideas! I enjoy your writing and enthusiasm. I also bought the IPOX fund, which is not doing anything. Will it?

  27. Andy says:

    Hi Michael
    I’m an intermediate investor, I mainly trade in options.

    I really like the way you explain a particular company that you think it’s worth investing in.
    And thanks to you, from what you have recommended, I have built a strong portfolio.

    Thanks again,

  28. Caroline Summersett says:

    I would like to know for sure the answers to why a specific stock or field went down recently. I appreciate the forecasting, but need to learn why an event moved – up or down. Specifically right now, what is holding the gold price down recently? I think this area has been promoted actively for months, and the early summer was great, but no one is changing their no opinion, and gold has stalled for a couple of weeks. The dollar’s rise is one factor. Are we waiting for the Fed’s movement? India’s gold purchases have not changed anything.

  29. James W Jones says:

    Options trader for 7 years, always looking to sell premium. Always take a theta positive position if possible. Look for trades less than 6 months to expiration. Will take some longer if potential reward is justified, such as when you alert us to an otherwise unrecognized opportunity.

  30. Mary Beth says:

    I’m just a beginner…have some stock (less than $4000) with TDA. Have not gotten any help finding where to buy stock or how to do anything else with stock. Am 6 months from Medicare and do not have $$ for investing other than what I stated above..

  31. Ghassan Bu Chedid says:

    I am an advanced investor. I haven’t used any of your recommendations so far. However, I intend to evaluate it more closely from late Sept. The focus should be on life changing technologies to allow us to come in at the beginning.

  32. Daniel Sevigny says:

    Hi Michael ,

    I find your articles very interesting .

    I would like to hear from you on the following subjects .

    Immunotherapy ( some types of immunotherapy are also sometimes called biologic therapy or biotherapy. ) and bioprinting .

    Thanks !

  33. paul whitaker says:

    I am a UK resident & appreciate your informed opinions on stocks we don’t hear much about here.
    I would like to follow certain of your suggestions, particularly in regard to options to cover expected falls, but these are not available here.
    Advice as to how to invest from outside the US would be helpful. Thanks.

  34. Darryl Creighton says:

    I am a fairly savvy investor. I am looking for your guidance to help select sectors and companies to invest in. I am interested in the nuts and bolts as well as high tech advancements that are at the forefront of investability.

  35. Leonard Wilson says:

    Ok Michael, you ask, I tell… I went thru two other Wall Street managers before I stuck with you! I also lost over 60k with zero gains, doing option trades. Reason, not sure how and when (not notified when) to close the loop of these trades. Been with “Radical Tech-knowledge” for a few months & just signed up with Tom Gentile yesterday. I really would like trading options etc. but I’m almost afraid stepping out on the limb again. Being new to this form of trading, I really need be spoon fed with these type of trades.
    Thanks so much with these programs each of you have to offer and may my eyes become more open as I follow each of you!
    Leonard W.

  36. Katie Hicock says:

    Hi Michael, I’m new to money morning but I appreciate your research and insights. I’ve used mutual funds for over 30 years but am now doing some investments on my own. I’d love it if you could put together a starter kit of core stocks to put together that will be a good base for a “newbie” to begin in the tech sector and build with great ides as they come along. Another good idea that I have is a “risk factor” to let people know which are building block stocks and which are potential high risk high gain choices. Also a percent recommendation is a good idea for the speculative ideas so new investors don’t risk too much of their portfolio percentage on a chancy purchase. Thanks so much. Katie

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