The Rebound Play of 2016 Everyone Should Own

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Before you settle down with your family and loved ones today, I encourage you to take a moment to consider all that you’ve accomplished in the past year.

And to remember to thank everyone who helped you achieve those goals.

I’m talking about all kinds of accomplishments – career, financial, family, personal…

And now I hope you’ll consider some of your goals for 2016.

I’m sure some of them are the sorts of dreams that only smart and lucrative investments can help you reach.

If so, then consider this…

One to “Grab” Now

Wall Street wrote off the stock I want to talk with you about today just two years ago

But it’s already set for an amazing 2016.

Yes, 2016 is going to be a breakout rebound year for this tech giant – for two reasons.

The first reason centers around a technology I know you’ve heard about before – I’ve been telling you about it for years.

The second reason centers around a technology you’re going to hear a whole lot about in 2016.

I’ve prepared a special video report on this killer company – and its stock.

I hope you’ll take a look.

I’ll be back here next week with more of my best picks for 2016.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas holiday. I hope it’s a peaceful one.

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One Response to The Rebound Play of 2016 Everyone Should Own

  1. Tony Paciello says:

    I’m a Passport member so I have access to most of your subscriptions which I follow very closely. I also am a subscriber to your Million Dollar Portfolio. I have great expectations for this portfolio. However, I notice that while you spend a great deal of time with your other products, there appears to be little mention of your Million Dollar portfolio in your daily, weekly and monthly communications. You just came out with your monthly report on Nova X and it was well done and provided much needed information on the Portfolio. When you were soliciting subscribers for the MDP, I seem to recall that you indicated you would provide the same kind of reporting and guidance for the MDP. I have been into this Portfolio for some months now and I don’t recall any such reporting or updates. You have given the required seven foundational stocks and not much else since. I emails every day hoping to hear from you on updates on this Portfolio and don’t see much of anything. I may be missing something here and if I am, I apologize.

    I have every reason to be very positive regarding the MDP but without any regular updates and guidance as you do for your other products in the Passport Club, I feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants.

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