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Last Week’s Top News Had Nothing to Do With the Stock Market

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

On Thursday, right in the middle of last week’s market chaos, an important bit of news came out that you may missed.

Here’s the news: The U.S. Commerce Department sharply revised upward its second-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) estimate. The agency now says the value of all goods and services in the nation for the second quarter grew at a seasonally adjusted 3.7% – that’s 61% higher than its earlier forecast.

That revised number proves something I’ve been sharing with you all for months now: Despite the turbulent stock market we’ve seen all year, the U.S. economy remains on solid ground six years into the recovery.

And that means, as long as you stay disciplined and keep using your Choppy Market Tools, now is great time to take advantage of all the buying opportunities this chaos has created. We’re still in the midst of what I think is a generational bull market – and you can invest with confidence for the long haul.

Moreover, as impressive as GDP growth is right now, I believe Commerce’s report understates the strength of the nation’s economy.

Today I going to break it all down. And I’ll show you how the indicators I follow tell me that now is a good time to keep investing in tech stocks.

Let’s take a look…

Start Making Your Comeback With This One “Buy”

2 | By Michael A. Robinson

On Tuesday, I told you we have to start getting “choosier” about the stocks we buy.

And I told you I’d be back soon with our prime choice.

Today I’m keeping that promise.

The roller-coaster market we’ve seen over just the past week – though, really, it’s been with us all year long – brings with it great buying opportunities for tech investors. The earlier rallies that were making some stocks so expensive are largely gone.

One of my main jobs here is to help you make good choices when others are panicking.
So today we’re “putting our best foot forward” by taking a look at a tech leader well off Wall Street’s radar (they think it’s merely a “software” company).

I’m talking about quick triple-digit gains – and it’s on sale…

How Did Monday’s Sell-Off Impact Apple’s Trillion-Dollar Destiny?

4 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

After the correction, is Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) still a buy? Michael remains one of the most bullish Apple analysts out there – so you probably know his answer to that question.

But Stuart Varney from Fox Business recently grilled Michael further on a number of questions whose answers aren’t so easy to predict. Such as, is Apple still on the path to become the first ever $1 trillion market-cap company? If so, when?

You can see Michaels’s answers to these questions about the iDevice King and more in the video below.

To see Michael tackle all those questions and more, just check out the video.

We’re Staying Disciplined – and Still Making Profits

4 | By Michael A. Robinson

“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest.”

-Warren Buffett

If you’re like most investors, you’ve spent the last few days glued to your TV set.

And you probably don’t like what you’re seeing.

Yesterday’s 1,089-point whirlwind swing in the Dow Jones Industrial Average was the cruddy ending to an 8% dip in the markets over the previous three days.

And now, a lot of those TV watchers are panicking.

However, the last thing you should do now is give in to your emotions, join the panicky crowd and dump your stocks.

Instead, you should remain disciplined in your strategy.

When we started out, I told you that “The road to wealth is paved by tech.”

And not a thing that’s happened over the past week or so has changed that.

That said, there are some moves you should be making to protect the wealth that you have built – and to make even more money while others are panicking.

After all, being in the market when it goes down is much less painful than being out when it goes up. If you pull out now, you run the risk of missing out the inevitable rally that will produce double- and triple-digit returns in the stocks you now hold.

To prepare yourself for that rally – to remain disciplined – here’s what you need to do now…

How to Cash In With Google as It Follows “The Buffett Way”

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

I’ve been saying for some time now that Wall Street and the mainstream media need to take a decidedly different view of Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOGL).

In fact, back on Jan. 20 I made that exact point when I appeared as a guest on the popular show Varney & Co. on Fox Business.

Specifically, I said that the senior leaders at Google were looking to build the “conglomerate of the future” – separating, for example, search, life extension and self-driving cars all into separate “silos” – and that they saw famed investor Warren Buffett as their “guru” for this model.

Buffett, of course, is the mastermind behind Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK.A), a sprawling, decentralized concern with holdings in insurance, railways, food and much more. Berkshire has returned 2,767% to its shareholders in the last 25 years.

Not a bad model to follow…

Turns out, my analysis of Google’s intentions and its role model were more accurate than even I realized at the time.

With the market tumbling this week, more than ever we need to be on the hunt for quality stocks – ones that can beat this sideways market. And now that Google has announced a new corporate structure, complete with a new name, it’s poised to crush the market over at least the next three years.

Today I’ll show you how to play it…

The Profits Begin Where Social Networking and Digital Payments Meet

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

On Friday, I promised you that I’d be bringing you another conversation with a Silicon Valley startup CEO this week.

And I’m fulfilling that promise today.

You should consider these conversations as the start of a series of looks into the “future” of tech investing.

Sometimes, I meet up with these entrepreneurs in the Valley itself, like I did last week with TeleRetail Corp. CEO Torsten Scholl.

But just as often, I talk with tech leaders who contact me through one of my social-networking accounts. In the first two weeks of August alone, I received requests to connect with top executives from eight tech firms in such fields as digital sports marketing, software development and wearable tech.

My time constraints unfortunately don’t allow me to talk to all the CEOs who reach out to me. But when I heard from Steven Morell, I just knew I had to talk with this guy.

His company is pioneering a new digital payments technology -he calls it a “social wallet” – that’s tapping a $2 trillion market.

That’s just the kind of product and market we want to know about now…

What I Learned at This Year’s Biggest Silicon Valley Party

2 | By Michael A. Robinson

Of all the avenues, boulevards, lanes and streets in Silicon Valley, the most important road – the one lined with gold – is a tree-lined thoroughfare in Menlo Park.

I’m talking about Sand Hill Road.

That’s the epicenter of the nation’s venture capital industry. I first started visiting Sand Hill in the mid-1980s when I covered VC as a tech analyst.

And I was back most recently July 31, when I attended the 10th annual TechCrunch Summer Party at August Capital thesummer party in Silicon Valley.

There you can meet senior high-tech execs and financiers – the Valley’s veterans – and also the leaders of vibrant startups working on cutting-edge products.

I was there as the guest of one of those young leaders – a startup CEO who has an intriguing new mobile-commerce platform for the connected car.

Now, a lot of tech investors don’t pay too much attention to the money flowing in and out of Sand Hill Road. They’ve got their eyes on the public companies they can invest in today.

I get that. Investors like you usually can’t buy into extremely fast-growing privately held startups like the “Sand Hill Club” can.

However, you should always be keeping an eye on those “youngsters,” too, if you want to make a lot of money in tech.

Today, besides introducing you to my host, Torsten Scholl, and his FormulaSMART platform, I’ll show you why that’s true.

And then I’ll show you a way that you can join Sand Hill’s VCs – and turn a very small “stake” into $520,000 or more…

Now’s the Time to Cash in on the Biggest Memory Leap in 25 Years

2 | By Michael A. Robinson

Just a couple of weeks ago, we received news about a huge new breakthrough in computer memory.

The announcement has major ramifications for consumer products like smartphones and tablets as well as for the growth markets of cloud computing and Big Data.

These new memory stats are just off the charts. We’re talking about an advanced system that runs 1,000 times faster, is 1,000 times more durable and is 10 times denser than conventional memory systems.

No, those aren’t typos.

This new technology – perhaps the first truly new memory category in more than 25 years — comes out of a crucial alliance between two tech legends.  One’s from Silicon Valley, and the other is out of the Pacific Northwest.  

The timing for the partnership is perfect for two reasons.

Today, I’ll show you why that’s true – and then I’ll tell you which one of these partners is the best investment.

And it’s on deep discount…

The Real Story Behind This $40.5 Billion Takeover

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

Last week, the executives at Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. (NYSE ADR: TEVA) got a whole lot of attention after they said that they’re buying the generic drug unit of Allergan PLC (Nasdaq: AGN).

That’s understandable – as $40.5 billion deals don’t come along every day.

Just about everyone on Wall Street noted that the massive deal is part of the M&A wave we’ve seen over the last two years in the biopharmaceutical sector.

While that’s part of what’s at work here, the Street, as usual, missed a big part of the “real story.”

While I’m a big fan of healthcare mergers and acquisitions and what they can do to juice a company’s share price, there’s another trend at work here. This trend is even more lucrative than M&A – it’s set to double in size imminently – and it’s having a dramatic impact on the global healthcare system.

Today, I’ll tell you all about that trend – generic pharmaceuticals.

And then I’ll show you how to play it…

The “Skeptics” Are Wrong About Disney

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Despite a dip in revenue Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS), Michael thinks things are looking up for the “Mouse House.”

After all, Disney crushed analysts’ projections for the most recent quarter, it’s behind several blockbusters this summer (and has a new Star Wars movie lined up for Christmas), and it’s on the verge of becoming the leading force in a new venture – wearable tech.

Disney shares dipped a steep 10% Wednesday. But Michael made his case for why the skeptics are wrong about the company’s prospects through the end of the year during his latest appearance on CNBC World. Watch the Video.