The Biotech Market Is on Fire

3 | By Michael A. Robinson

Spending on drugs here in the United States increased 13% last year to $374 billion – the single-biggest one-year jump in history. That’s a record-setting 4.3 billion prescriptions filled.

That means spending on drugs is rising at a rate that’s five times faster than the growth of the overall economy.

In other words, despite all the “noise” about biotech being “overheated,” the sector remains full of terrific investment opportunities.

Today, I’m talking with Money Map Press Executive Editor William Patalon III about biotech investing – including specific investments you should be making.

And you can listen in…

The Moves You Need to Make

Mergers and acquisitions, the aging U.S. population and the Food and Drug Administration’s new “Breakthrough Therapy” status are just some of the reasons biotech and pharmaceuticals continue to make millionaires out of everyday investors.

However, there’s another area, which most investors never even consider, that’s going to be big… really big.

In this conversation with Bill Patalon, we talk about how that’s where The Biotech Deal of the Century is coming together right now.


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  1. Dewey Chapple says:

    what is the stock Robinson says is on fire ? Bell Weather….??

    Bio field of the century….???

    Thank You,

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