Is SolarCity the Key to Tesla’s Big Secret?

5 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

Elon Musk has the world buzzing after announcing that Tesla Motors Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) would be revealing a top-secret new product line – that’s not a car – on April 30. While Musk is keeping things quiet till then, Michael may have the answer to that mystery.

Earlier this week on Fox Business, Michael told host Stuart Varney that activity he’s seeing coming out of SolarCity Corp. (Nasdaq: SCTY) is a big clue.


5 Responses to Is SolarCity the Key to Tesla’s Big Secret?

  1. Rene says:

    Elon Musk simply has the know how when to move in this market for everyone to do well, keep it up Elon, Thank You for Your Gift……….

  2. Jeff Cibulka says:

    The way to store the electricity from solar is a very big factor, who ever perfects that will open huge doors in this viable area.

  3. Rob Bowers says:

    Well, with the brain power in that entire Tesla hive I would be praying that perhaps they are close
    to being able to pull, or dull, the teeth from this alleged EMP. I don’t know why there has been nothing said about any hope of defusing it. Why can it not be intercepted enroute? Is it going
    to be launched from Cuba (still very Communistic and great ally of Russia) as another opening to a
    door of perhaps great great devastation from only 90 miles away.)

  4. Rob Bowers says:

    I mean another massive falsehood as we were served in Iran, could have been done with Cuba, who are now chuckling and rubbing their hands together

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