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Starting Today, I’m on a Mission for You
Introducing the Wealth-Building “Million Dollar Tech Portfolio”

3 | By Michael A. Robinson

If you’re like most Americans, you’re locked in a nightmarish cycle.

You work. You spend. You work some more. You earn enough to cover most of your bills – pretty much.

You fear those financial emergencies that show up at the worst time.

And the private pangs of terror you experience anytime you think about your hazy retirement years are probably not much different than the wrenching internal fears early explorers used to experience whenever they thought about the proverbial “edge of the earth.”

If I’ve just described your life, don’t feel bad. You’ve got plenty of company.

While the top 16,000 U.S. households own 12% of this country’s wealth, about half of American families have no net worth at all.

And forget about retirement. At a time when most experts will tell you that $1 million is the starting sticker price for a decent retirement, millions of working Americans – more than one-third of us – have nothing at all put away for those “Golden Years.”

Even the folks who are putting something away face a huge shortfall from what they’ll really need: A year ago, the median retirement nest egg among those aged 55 to 64 was a paltry $14,500.

And that shortfall just keeps getting worse.

For most of us, the first inclination to “fix” that problem is to work harder, earn and save a bit more, hoping this bit of “financial catch-up” will be enough to bridge the gap.

But this “earn-more” mentality is destined to fail. Instead, most of us will end up working longer – well into our retirement years, in fact. As author and motivational speaker Tony Robbins recently said, this failure to save means big groups of working retirees will end up serving as “the best-dressed greeters at Walmart.”

Fortunately, there is a solution – a real and workable “catch-up” strategy that any Main Street investor can employ to save themselves from a pauper-like future.

It’s a strategy that can deliver yearly returns 50% greater than conventional investments.

And with the benefit of compounding, this strategy can deliver the meaningful wealth that all of us seek.

Starting today – with this special report in Strategic Tech Investor – I’m making it my personal mission to deliver these high-return investments to you.

And to underscore our commitment, I’m even presenting you with “The Million Dollar Tech Portfolio” – a group of investments that I personally selected for their high-return potential.

This Tech Leader Just Bet on the Newest “10-Bagger”-Plus

2 | By Michael A. Robinson

After more than two decades of teases, virtual reality (VR) is about to go mainstream.

And I mean soon.

That’s because several tech companies are planning to launch consumer head-mounted displays in the fall – or soon thereafter.

This newest version of VR – the one that video gamers will be lining up for at Best Buy – is way more advanced than the not-ready-for-prime-time version we saw in the 1990s and early 2000s. This version will immediately provide totally immersive play for gamers, and will soon be applicable to other consumer areas, like for movie watching and as a next-generation social-media platform.

You’ve likely heard of the Oculus Rift VR headset from Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB), and maybe the Gear headset from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (OTC: SSNLF).

But there’s another tech leader out there with a VR system that’s ready to go – and I believe the CEO’s commitment to the VR program’s success underscores why his company’s stock remains a great long-term buy

Consumer VR is a field that could expand to at least $5.2 billion – some 58-fold – by 2018.

Let’s see how we can grab some of that extreme growth – below Wall Street’s radar…