We’re Still in Apple “for the Long Haul”

2 | By Michael A. Robinson

Michael had it just about exactly right when it came to Tuesday’s impressive slate of announcements from Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL).

He predicted the Apple Watch, Apple Pay and multiple new iPhones. And that’s exactly what we got. (He did not forecast a new U2 album – no one’s perfect.)

He also predicted at the time that it would be the last chance to get Apple stocks at a discount – and the company’s shares have mostly traded above that psychologically significant $100 line ever since.

And Michael says the bonanza of new gear is all the more reason to keep investing in Apple stock.

“I’m in it for the long haul,” he told host Fox Business host Stuart Varney on Wednesday. “I definitely would still be acquiring [Apple stock].”

To find out all about Apple’s new iDevices – and why Michael is still so bullish on Apple stock – just watch the following video…


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2 Responses to We’re Still in Apple “for the Long Haul”

  1. Frank Wm. Ballou says:

    I began to accumulate AAPL in 1982. For 20 years I held on, simply because I loved Apple Computer’s products (now Apple Inc.). My average cost per share is now below $1. When Apple soared to $700, I held on through the long decline, taking large paper losses. When its share price stabliized, I began a regimen of selling near-the-money puts with near-term expiration dates. This process has produced annuaizedl gains of 70%. As long as AAPL remains in a long term upward path, I will continue to sell puts monthly. Nothing this good lasts forever, so I will resort to selling covered calls, should AAPL form a downward path, something I failed to do in the recent downturn. I share this story in the hope that others may benefit. Currently short 80 puts for September 20 and 70 for Oct. 18.

  2. ANNE says:

    I too am a fan of Apple.. The CNBC reports on the first day of issue of the new products was beyond shameful… It was embarrassing to see and hear the lack of reporting skill.. Others with lack of foresight were turned away as another media shadowing was seen.. Please keep on letting others know that our Apple
    has not fallen off the tree, but has indeed merely been shaken by a crowd of bad actors.. Thank YOU

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