Facebook or Twitter – Which Stock Is Better?

2 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

Which social media powerhouse – Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) or Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) – should investors buy now?

That’s the question host Stuart Varney posed to Michael on Fox Business‘s “Real Halftime” Tuesday.

While both Facebook and Twitter stock are looking attractive right now, Michael had no problem whatsoever choosing one over the other…


2 Responses to Facebook or Twitter – Which Stock Is Better?

  1. Lenney Williams says:

    I loved the investment tip given by Michael and the reason as to why-his loyalty to fb. That’s one of the top characteristics of a Marine. With that being said, how can a retired Marine with a
    fixed income, very little investment experience go about investing in fb?

    – investment

  2. Bob Baker says:

    If FACE BOOK could find a way to increase their advertising revenue, say to charge people starting next year, just 10 CENTS every time they go on,
    what a wonderful profit that will be!

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