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We Just Found The New King Of The Computer Industry

30 | By Michael A. Robinson

During the Depression-ridden 1930s, with United States circling the financial abyss, an American industrialist named Thomas J. Watson Jr. gambled the future of his business-equipment company on an expansion plan that included wholesale hiring, investments in technology, and the construction of new factories.

For six years, Watson had his factories at full bore – churning out tabulating equipment there were no buyers for. But he believed in his plan and stayed with his strategy.

When the Social Security Act of 1935 came up for bid – billed as “the biggest accounting operation of all time” – Watson’s company was the only firm able to supply the equipment needed to maintain the employment records of 26 million people.

The successful execution on this contract led to other government pacts. Not only did this allow Watson’s company to navigate the Depression; it set it up for long-term success.

That company went on to become one of the most-successful computer firms in history – the venture we now know as International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE: IBM).

“Big Blue,” as the company is also known, has been experiencing some tough problems in recent months. But its successful years made fortunes for many investors.

We believe investors can reap the same windfall from the company that’s poised to replace IBM as the new dean of the computer industry.

We’ve identified that successor – and are going to bring it to you today.

The Hottest Investable Market on Earth

6 | By Michael A. Robinson

China has been dominating the headlines in recent days.

And not in a good way.

Since late last week, worries about slowing growth, financial-system shenanigans and the potential for an “Asian-Contagion” type spillover have whacked global stocks – and have left folks wondering if the “China Miracle” is over.

But China’s kind of like a still-young tech venture: There are going to be reversals, it’s going to be volatile, and it’s normal to expect this kind of whipsaw market action.

And let me tell you something else: While it’s true that Beijing has some big problems to solve, investors who just write China off are going to miss out on one of the biggest profit opportunities in global technology. Even as the broader economy there slows (meaning it’s still growing – just at a slower rate than before), there’s a tech-focused slice of that country’s market that continues to advance at a scorching pace.

In fact, if you look at the numbers, I bet you’ll agree with my assessment that we’re looking at the hottest investable market on earth.

Today I’m going to tell you all about this market … and I’m going to show you exactly how to play this for maximum gain.

We Promised You A New Stock Pick – And This One’s A Doozy

46 | By Michael A. Robinson

After perusing all the displays at the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month, tech-sector pundits began touting ultra-high-definition television (UHDTV) as one of the next big “breakout” technologies for 2014.

This wasn’t a surprise to you.

Back in August, we said that specialty microchip maker Ambarella Inc. (Nasdaq: AMBA) would be a major beneficiary of the UHDTV surge, and predicted the stock could double in just over two years.

It actually took only five months, and we now believe it will double again.

But we also know this isn’t the only company benefitting from the powerful shift toward the new UHDTV standard, and set out to find the “next Ambarella.”

This week, we found it.

The stock we discovered is about to be ignited by two powerful catalysts – the multi-billion-dollar shift to UHDTV and a shrewd strategic shift that’s going to twist open the profit spigot.

It’s a stock we believe could easily double from here.

And today we’re going to show you all that you need to know to pocket every penny of those gains…

My Next Big Prediction

26 | By Michael A. Robinson

If you joined our conversations and acted on my recommendations you could have made a lot of money last year.

In fact, several of the stocks I told you about scored triple-digit gains in just a few months’ time.

But we’re not resting on our laurels.

Today, I want to review some of our biggest winners from some of the biggest tech subsectors of 2013… and show you why these trends will be very significant again this year.

Then, I want to give you a heads up on a new recommendation that I believe could be our biggest winner yet…

Before we get to that exciting new opportunity… I hope you bought these winners I recommended…

I Want To Share Two Lessons (and A Lot of Video) From Michael’s New York Media Tour

0 | By Terry Weiss, Associate Publisher, Money Map Press

All this week, Michael Robinson has been in New York, where he’s on a big media tour, making several TV appearances.

After a stunning 2013, many analysts predict 2014 will be another lucrative year for tech investors. So the networks sought the insights of an expert who’s been on Silicon Valley’s frontlines for 34 years.

Let me share some video clips – and then a couple of important lessons Michael asked me to share with you.

First the video…

I Found a Pot of Gold – At the Consumer Electronics Show

9 | By Michael A. Robinson

At the start of each New Year, if you’re looking to see what’s in store for the global high-tech sector for the 12 months to follow, there’s no better place to look than the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Early each January, CES is the place to go to see what the sector’s top companies have planned. And it’s also where to go to ferret out new companies, new products or innovative new services that could create entire new businesses – spawning windfall-level profits for investors who are able to decipher the high-tech “tea leaves” emanating from this massive trade show.

That’s why – every year – I pay careful attention to whatever’s being unveiled at CES.

And from this year’s trade show, which concludes today, I’m watching three trends that represent major high-tech investments for our readers.

In this Strategic Tech Investor, I want to introduce you to each of them – since we’ll be talking about all of them for the rest of this year … and beyond.

And I’ll even tell you about one stock that I believe could double in less than three years.

This Stock Doubled Your Money – And It’s About To Double It Again.

13 | By Michael A. Robinson

In the Aug. 2 Strategic Tech Investor, we introduced you to a Silicon Valley semiconductor company that is leading the charge into ultra-high-definition (UHD) video.

And we predicted the stock – which Wall Street had yet to discover – would double in less than three years.

It only took five months.

If you didn’t pull the trigger on this under-the-radar stock, don’t fret: The Wall Street pros are now interested and are saying this stock could double or triple from here.

And we agree.

This microchip player’s existing businesses are zooming along at 40% and 50% annual rates. And the firm just announced a pact with Internet-search giant heavyweight Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG), which we’ll find out more about at the massive Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that opens in Las Vegas today.

There’s an old adage that says you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

And there’s an investing parallel: You never get a second chance to get in on a “ground-floor” profit play.

With our UHD-video semiconductor company, you’re looking at an all-too-infrequent exception to that rule. We’re talking here about a company that’s about to become a high-tech star – one of those rare “ground-floor” profit opportunities that can become an honest-to-goodness difference-maker in your life.

And you heard about it here first.

The Single-Best Graphene Play on Earth

42 | By Michael A. Robinson

Imagine an “alternate reality” where it was possible to balance a Mack Bulldog tractor trailer on the sharpened tip of your No. 2 yellow pencil.

And imagine, also, that the tip of that same pencil was worth a small fortune.

This “reality” that I’m sketching out for you isn’t something that I grabbed from the plot of one of those cheesy Sci-Fi Channel late-night movies.

In fact, this reality actually isn’t one that I’d refer to as “alternate.”

It’s a reality – a certainty, in fact – that I’ve been studying, talking and writing about for a long time.

The time has finally come for us to make some money from this opportunity – a lot of money, in fact.

And today I’m going to show you how …