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The Secret Way to Profit From the “Rich Man’s Market”

20 | By Michael A. Robinson

We’ve talked a lot over the last few months about identifying stocks that can double your money.

And I’ve demonstrated strategies that will help you magnify your net worth.

But today I want to tell you about a segment of the market that is absolutely on fire – and that, with the right scenario, can score you gains of as much as 30%, 40%, 60% or more … in a single day.

The heavyweights on Wall Street usually reserve these hefty profit plays for their very best customers – the wealthy elite who already have big money.

But that doesn’t mean that you’re locked out.

So I’m going to share my four rules for pursuing these gargantuan gains.

And then I’m going to show you the single simple investment that will let you circumvent Wall Street’s roadblocks – and allow you to grab a share of those windfall returns for yourself.

Consider it a “secret passageway” to the tech-stock sector’s biggest profit machine – something I often refer to as the “rich man’s stock market.

Years From Now, You’ll Remember This Stock as the One That Made You Rich

38 | By Michael A. Robinson

I’ll never forget the day I scored my first interview with the CEO of General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM).

This was in May of 1980, and I was brand new to Detroit. I’d been a reporter for all of 15 months – in fact I was by far the youngest journalist on the cutthroat automotive news “beat.”

And I’d landed a sit-down with the leader of one of the most powerful companies on earth.

I was seriously stoked … until I looked in my closet, and took an honest look at the single suit that I owned.

It was a bargain-basement suit. It wasn’t classy. It wasn’t something I could build a wardrobe around. And it wasn’t something I’d be taken seriously wearing.

I didn’t hesitate: I went right to the city’s best haberdasher, and bought an Oleg Cassini suit – one I knew would fit in well with GM’s button-down culture.

It cost me my entire paycheck, so the outlay was a bit painful. But the payoff was both immediate – and long lasting.

I was welcomed into that interview feeling like a million bucks. I left with a Page One story – and a newfound confidence that has accompanied me for the rest of my career.

The best investments in life are often like that: They may seem pricey – or even painful – when you make them. But they are actually “foundational” in nature – providing the kind of hefty and lasting payoff that you’d never get from a bargain-basement counterpart.

And today I’m going to show you a stock that can do for you what that Oleg Cassini suit did for me.

Decades from now, when you’re rich and look back … you’ll remember that this was the stock purchase that started you down that path to incredible wealth …

“Earnings Season” Secrets That’ll Make You Rich

22 | By Michael A. Robinson

On Friday, tech bellwether Microsoft Corp. released a quarterly earnings report that was so bad that one analyst referred to it as “a comedy of errors” – kneecapping the stock by 11%.

Welcome to “earnings season,” the rush of quarterly financial reports that, four times each year, can make or break individual stocks.

But this season is different.

Over the next three weeks, the tech-stock rally that has helped push the U.S. stock market to new record highs faces an intensely critical test.

The fact is that we are now more than four years into a bull market that has seen stock prices more than double from their 2009 lows.

Let’s be clear: Four years is one heck of a long time for a market to rally without experiencing a major correction. So the sales, profit and forecast reports that we’re going to see this week – and in the two weeks that follow – will likely tell us if the rally continues from here … or begins to weaken.

So today I’m going to show you exactly what to look for and how to analyze what you find.

And I’m even going to tell you about the one tech stock you need to watch. And I’ll also show you how to play it …

The Next Move In This “Ground Floor” Profit Opportunity Starts Now

54 | By Terry Weiss, Associate Publisher, Money Map Press

If you don’t know about 3D printing, you need to.

Just a few years ago – before most folks even knew what it was – Michael Robinson said the 3D printing market was experiencing scorching growth, and said it would very quickly turn into a trillion-dollar business.

But here’s the best part: Because of new technologies – not to mention all sorts of new uses that seem to be increasing by the day – Michael says that investors who move right now can get in on the “ground floor” of that trillion-dollar opportunity.

To talk about the profit opportunity that 3D printing poses, and to give you a rundown on some of the players, Michael sat down for a conversation this week with Money Map Press Executive Editor William Patalon. Here’s a transcript of their talk.

Take the time to peruse it: As Michael says, openings like this come along maybe one or two times in every investor’s lifetime …

How to Get Two Tech Stocks For the Price of One

29 | By Michael A. Robinson

I have a great tech opportunity I want to share with you today.

You can almost think of it as “free money.”

And that isn’t some “come-on.’ The strategy that I’m about to describe is very real. It’s a slam-dunk winner – backed up by years of statistics – and, most important of all, is one way to really juice up your portfolio gains.

When the scenario plays out as I’m about to describe, you buy shares in one great technology company – but end up with investments in two separate firms.

And that second stock is “free.”

Investment pros refer to these as “special situations” – and with good reason. Opportunities like this don’t come along very often – which is why they are, in fact, “special.”

But individual investors tend to miss them – and the market-thrashing profits they tend to generate.

I don’t want you to miss out – which is why I’m writing this.

You see, one of these “two-for-one” profit plays has just hit my radar screen.

And today I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about it …

The Only Stocks That Can Change Your Life

26 | By Michael A. Robinson

Growth stocks can change your life.

If you pick the right ones.

In my June 28 Strategic Tech Investor column, I gave you several reasons why I’m predicting a strong tech rally for the second half of this year.

When I make a prediction this bold, readers don’t waffle: They either completely agree with my argument or write in to say why I’m flat out wrong.

But this time around STI subscriber Chris12 took us in a completely unexpected direction – and kicked off the old “growth-or-dividends” debate.

“In my opinion tech companies should at least pay a small dividend, otherwise their shares are virtually worthless – in my layman’s opinion of course,” Chris12 wrote.

“Any company that doesn’t pay some sort of dividend – even a tiny one, is almost worthless. At least Microsoft pays a dividend… (last time I checked).”

I have very strong feelings on this point – for two very good reasons.

First, the “growth-or-dividends” debate goes right to the heart of the tech-investing strategy that I’ve created for you.

And it can determine who gets rich – and who doesn’t

After Saving My Life, This Technology Will Save Your Retirement

21 | By Michael A. Robinson

The technology I want to tell you about today is one of my best investment ideas.

And not just because it saved my life.

I’m talking about “location-based services,” the technology that allows your smartphone to show where you are … or tell you where you need to go.

It’s a technology that has double-your-money profit potential because of all it can do. It can help you find the nearest retail sale, guide you to the seafood house where you have reservations, or get you to a hotel for a good night’s sleep.

It can also help you avoid costly navigation errors – and not just in a car.

Two summers ago, while sailing with my crew out on San Francisco Bay, an exceptionally heavy fog rolled in. We grabbed a smartphone, discovered we were off course, and traversed the dangerous Berkeley Reef – which would have ripped our keel right off had we not turned.

And the drama involving location-based-service technology doesn’t end there.

You see, this market has finally reached critical mass and is poised to skyrocket.

And I’ve identified the one company that’s so tapped into this surging mobile-economy market that its stock could double in less than three years.

To continue reading, please click here…

This “Double Your Money” Stock Pick Will Shock You

18 | By Michael A. Robinson

As someone who’s been around Silicon Valley for decades, one hard lesson that I’ve learned is this: Fallen high-tech leaders almost never make it back.

But on the rare occasion that one of these former high-tech heavyweights do rebound, the profits can be staggering.

Today I’m going to show you what to look for so you, too, can find these rare-as-hens-teeth turnarounds.

And that’s not all.

I’m also going to tell you the tale of a legendary turnaround that did work. Then I’ll talk about two rebounds that are already underway – but that still offer some nice moneymaking potential.

Finally I will round out today’s visit by showing you a tech-titan turnaround just getting started.

And it’s one of the best rebound profit plays that I’ve ever seen.