Michael Answers Questions To Help You Double Your Profits Today

21 | By Michael A. Robinson

I want you to make money – lots of it.

And based on the great feedback I’ve gotten from you over my last several columns, you’re already looking for ways to build your net worth as fast as possible.

In fact, I’ve received dozens of comments regarding my five-part tech investing strategy for turning $25,000 into $250,000 in just a few short years.

Many of you also wrote to ask me questions about my views on investing trends as well as tips and strategies to take advantage of the high-tech bull market (one that I think will last for years).

I love these questions. It helps me zero in on the type of investments that you find most relevant today.

And that’s the whole point of Strategic Tech Investor – uncoveringprofit opportunities you can’t find anywhere else and ones you can act on immediately.

So let’s jump into some of the recent questions I’ve received. 

Let’s start with the column that ran on Tuesday, May 7. It was about the big gains I see ahead for Repligen Corp. (Nasdaq:RGEN) a stock that is poised to double in price.

Question (Q): Thanks again for the great writing about technology and “disruptive” companies. This time, seriously, I added Repligen Corp. to my portfolios. ~ Richard C.

Answer (A) Glad to be of help. Repligen is a great company. One of the many things I like about this play is that it’s a true “pick-and-shovel” opportunity.

Maybe it’s because I live in California but I’m constantly reminded how the guys who sold picks, shovels, dungarees and other supplies to the miners made more than most of the folks who joined the 49ers looking for gold.

Priced at $9 a share, Repligen makes a unique purifying agent known as Protein A. As such it has a stranglehold on a molecule that Big Pharma must have as an ingredient in a wide range of new drugs. As it stands, Repligen supplies over 98% of Protein A to the world market. And Repligen’s sector, called biologics, is expected to double to $240 billion in sales by the end of the decade.

Q. I have been following your tech and biotech updates for some time now and I love them. You mentioned in one of your replies to a reader that you have a more detailed paid for subscription service, would you be able to send me the details. ~ Adrian N.

A. Thanks for the kind words regarding my writing style, research and unique-five party strategy for building tech wealth. Much appreciated.

My advisory service is called Radical Technology Profits. As the term implies, it’s focused on cutting-edge high tech that will bring subscribers huge gains.

We’ve had a number of recent wins. Several of the stocks in that portfolio have hit the top 20 advancers of their respective exchanges over the last several weeks including one that took the top spot.

The portfolio includes a biotech stock that is up 75% in a little more than four months and a chip maker that has become the turnaround tech stock to own, rallying 48% in a month.

If you’d like more information about Radical Technology Profits please visit  or contact customer service at 855-509-6600. They’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Now, let’s turn to my May 5 column on Rule No. 5: How to find stocks that can double your money. 

Q. I would appreciate any associated option recommendation with any stock you recommend if feasible ~ Albert M.

A. Alex, your question shows that you are a very savvy investor. Actually, it would be more accurate for me to use the word “trader” as it relates to options.

No doubt, options are a great way to juice up your portfolio. However, this service is not specifically about trading, it’s about strategic investing. By definition that means we are going to recommend holding stocks anywhere from several months to a few years to take advantage of the huge tech innovations hitting the markets today.

I have a couple of concerns about average individual investors (the audience for this service) trying to play options. First, these can often be complex trades. Second, they can be much more volatile than the equities themselves and are better handled with an aggressive trading service.

More to the point, however, thousands of investors have lost money attending expensive “seminars” on how to trade options. I’m concerned that if I start talking about trading options, some readers may be tempted to invest money in these courses and actually do more harm than good. I believe most investors will do better over the long haul sticking with a strategic approach to tech shares.

My April 23rd column dealt with Rule No. 4: focus on growth companies drew a number of comments and questions.

Q. You made more sense in a “to the point” manner than those just trying to do so — and taking 20 pages or a 30-minute video to “try.” Thank you!  Keep it up. ~ Ron I.

A. Ron, I’m glad you like the approach I’m taking. The idea here is to give you the tools you need to improve your net worth. The more plain spoken the better.

I’m really upbeat about the many opportunities I see ahead for tech investing. I’ve been involved in this sector for the past 30 years and I can’t think of a more exciting time than right now.

Many complex layers of “disruptive” technologies (paradigm shifting changes) are coming together to create some of the biggest wealth building opportunities of the last fifty years.

I don’t want you to miss any of them.

My readers have already been given dozens of chances to make a bundle on the major trends I’m tracking today including…Exotic Materials (such as graphene and silicon)… Biotech Advances (like synthetic vaccines)… and the highly lucrative Mobile Wave, just to name a few.

In the upcoming weeks and months, I’ll be telling you a whole lot more about these trends and the best ways to play them.

There are literally dozens of companies that are improving the world around us and poised to deliver life-changing gains.

I plan to tell you about all of them…

Q. I am working as Electrical Engineer in the telecommunication field. I am always interested in high tech companies. I like investing in tech companies. ~ Lai T.

A. Lai, you’ve picked a great field of investing. Truth be told, the road to wealth is paved with high tech. This industry has brought us a steady stream of innovations that made investors rich.

I’m talking about everything from the light bulb to the radio to the automobile. Just think about all the money savvy investors made at the dawn of semiconductors, computers, and software.

Now, we’re riding such wealth-creating trends as mobile technology, 3D printing, and cloud computing. And that’s just to name a few hot sectors.

Tech stocks are a major driving force in every bull market because they are big factors in new stocks coming out as IPOs and because these are growth firms that throw off a lot of cash.

And that’s what Strategic Tech Investor is all about, finding the tech stocks that can deliver big, consistent gains that will really improve your net worth.

As I said, I will use this space every week to give you the most vital insights on mastering the tech markets.

My mission is to reveal the biggest trends and show you how you can profit from them consistently.  Stay tuned.

[Editor’s Note: When Michael says “I want to hear from you,” he means what he says. Do you have any follow-up questions to any of our columns? Would you like to offer feedback? Is there an area of tech you’d like to see more about? Don’t be afraid to drop us a line here at customerservice@strategictechinvestor.comWe are always glad to hear from you.

21 Responses to Michael Answers Questions To Help You Double Your Profits Today

  1. Gustav Mutze says:

    RGEN seems to me overvalued and PE to high otherwise OK. I am leery to purchase overvalued stock with high PE rating. Thank you Gus Mutze.

  2. Gustav Mutze says:

    RGEN seems to me overvalued and PE rating to high. I am leery to purchase overvalued stock with high PE ratings. Thank you Gustav Mutze.

  3. Elaine Webb says:

    Hello, what do you think Bio Time Inc. NYSE:BTX will do in the future? I am thinking about buying some of their stock. Thanks

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hello Elaine,

      Thanks for your question. I’ve looked at it before and decided to take a pass because, as I recall, it’s involved in embryonic stem cells to some extent.

      This is not a field in which I personally invest nor do I recommend it to others. Despite one’s personal opinions about embryonic stem cells, one way or the other, it’s just too controversial for me to touch.



  4. Garth G. says:

    I’ve just joined up so I have not read what you have written. I’m curious about investments in new and innovative companies creating environmentally friendly production methods. I do have some investments in the oil sands in the hopes that their will be innovations coming. My question is whether I am out to lunch and might happen but way in the future. My timeline is not that long. Your comments please.

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi Garth,

      I understand where you are coming from in terms of protecting the environment.
      If an opportunity comes up and makes sense then I’m game. For instance, I would not go after solar just because it’s clean energy. I would need a solid player with a strongly supported stock to make that investment.

      Having said that, I do look at trends like Cloud Computing and new low-power computer memory systems and energy-efficient chips because they offer an environmental bonus on top of a solid investment vehicle.

      Hope that helps,


  5. James W. Jones (Jim) says:

    Michael, I understand and agree to a point regarding options. Like most anything, if you really learn and understand how to use these tools, how to manage risk and move slowly and with professional guidance/coaching by trading with paper money before committing real money, options strategies can be very effective and capital efficient. The main caveat: get proven education, take the time to learn and practice with professional guidance, then move slowly. Trading options is not for hobby traders–it is trading, not investing.

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi Arline,

      If you are looking for yield, you might want to examine some stocks with high dividend payouts. There’s quite a bit of info on them available online. I wrote about one for this e-letter back on March 12. It’s PDL Biopharma (Nasdaq:PDLI).

      I’d like to suggest you find that article in the archives, give it a read and see if that stock makes since for you. At the time of that printing, the dividend was around 8.2%. You can also check out the “dividend aristocrats” for a list of the current high value stocks in the genre.

      Best of luck with your investing,


  6. Bob B. says:

    Your recommendations are awesome –Thank you!!!
    Do you make recommendations for stop limits and/or when we should sell?

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi Bob,

      That’s a very astute observation.
      I always have an exit strategy that includes both stop losses and trailing stops. I’m a big believer in capital preservation. I am able to recommend these stops and many more details about when to get “in and out” of stocks in my trading service called Radical Tech Profits.

      I hope that is of some guidance. Thanks for your interest and support,


  7. Don Young says:

    Thanks Michael for all your great info. Been ready your column for several months now. Currently I have been unemployed for over 9 months and struggling to pay the bills but I know that I will get back on my feet so I am saving your info to use it the first chance I get.
    Keep informing us!

  8. mike says:

    I believe you are on to something and I appreciate all the groundwork that you do to bring us these companies. I plan on dipping my toes into your recommendations for diversification purposes. Also for the better than the norm appreciation that can be had. My retierement planning was not the greatest.
    If you feel certain about what you pick, do you also recommend a time where you feel that we should not hold them ? Ie: I would not have wanted to suffer from the tumble that Apple took. Thank you.

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi Mike,

      I would say you should use both stop losses to protect against a downturn after entry. And to protect profits, I recommend you use trailing stops, ones that exit the position with cash still in your pocket.

      Apple is a good example. If you bought earlier and got some of the massive run, then you could set a trailing stop that’s a set percentage. If the price goes down by X%, you automatically exit because you told your broker by phone or with an online order to do so.

      I hope that helps. Thanks for contacting me and reading these columns. Much appreciated,


  9. Yves Chartier says:

    Hello ! Do your recommendations well fit for a Canadian investor (re : witholding taxes, ADRs. Thank you very much for your sound advice, without the usual, lenghty bla-bla! Yves

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi Yves,

      Thanks for contacting me. Let me just say I’m not an expert on the U.S.-Canadian situation as regards taxes. I have over the years purchased a number of Canadian-based stocks and I don’t recall on this end there being an difference from tax and accounting standpoints.

      As regards ADRs, these aren’t something I specifically seek out as investment vehicles. I’m interested int the stock and the underlying strength of the company and not its specific type of listing.

      Cheers and best wishes,


  10. jeanne says:

    I agree with Ron I.
    That being said do you have any thoughts on cyber security stocks?
    I did invest in LMT but that surely is not a pure play (or inexpensive)

  11. Brad G says:

    As a test bubble I am investing in Repligen. It hasn’t really done much in a couple weeks except decline 10%, but I am patient. I have made money on my own in mostly tech stocks to date, and have grown my little IRA nest egg from 15,000 to 25,000 in a few short months. I am very interested in how to get to 250,000, but have not read your latest treatise – show me the way, Michael!!

  12. harry says:

    i am new to investing.Please guide me on what to start with so l can make real guaranteed profit

    thanks a lot!

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