The Road to Wealth is Paved By Tech

77 | By Michael A. Robinson

I just read a Page One story in The Wall Street Journal I found so disturbing that I had to send this to you right away.

The story’s main message was that millions of Americans can’t afford to retire.

One statistic said it all: 57% of U.S. workers have less than $25,000 in savings.

To me, that’s just nuts…

After all, America isn’t just the land of opportunity and democratic freedoms – it is the single greatest wealth machine in the history of the human race.

So why are so many Americans struggling right now?

Well, there’ no doubt the Great Recession of 2008 cut a swath through a lot of people’s savings. Millions lost their jobs and had to rob from their savings to just make ends meet. I sincerely hope that didn’t happen to you…

But here’s the thing…

Anyone can learn how to build wealth… And anyone can learn how to turn $25,000 into $250,000.

I’m going to teach you how right here in these pages.

You see, the road to wealth is paved with technology stocks.

Just look at all the technological breakthroughs that have taken place during the past century or so. Those advances have changed our lives.

And the investors who had the foresight to put some money down… well, many of them became wealthy… if not downright rich.

I’m talking about the light bulb, the radio, the TV, and the airplane just to name a few.

Underpinning those innovations are such technological breakthroughs as transistors, semiconductors, computers, software, the Web and smart phones.

I have any number of examples that prove my point that high tech is better than gold or silver. Ditto for real estate and oil.

Make no mistake: Every year in the U.S. more billionaires are made in technology than any sector on earth.

See, if you step back and look at the history of U.S. stocks, you see one giant long-range bull market (with some really dramatic short-term dips along the way).

What really drove this market expansion was fresh capital. That comes from innovation and from having lots of new stocks to sell to investors.

Of course, it’s always the hot initial public stock offerings (IPOs) that grab the headlines. But the reality is that you don’t have to be an insider who grabs one of those sexy deals to make big bucks.

You just have to know how to find the right company at the right time…

Here’s just one example of what I’m talking about.

Had you bought shares of anti-obesity drugmaker Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. in January of last year you would have made 640% in just seven months.

Since those are the kinds of returns than can supercharge just about any investors’ portfolio, let’s do the math.

Take the average American’s net savings of $25,000 (from The Journal report) and boost it by 640%.

Not counting taxes (don’t get me started on that) you wind up with a new net worth of $185,000. Do that a few times and you’re on Easy Street.

And I just pulled that example off the top of my head. There are plenty more where that came from.

I’ve delivered more than a few of those kinds of big winners to my own readers.

For example, I was among the first to recognize the potential of vital high-tech metals known as “rare earths”. And those who followed my picks banked gains of 199%, 67%, 38% and a 353% — in a very short period of time.

Starting today, and continuing on, I’m going to use our Strategic Tech Investor space to give vital insights on mastering the tech markets.

You’ll have the benefit of my more than 30 years of experience and success in the palm of your hand. You will be the master of your own destiny.

The great thing about investing in high tech the way I do is that you can make money consistently.

Developed and perfected over 30 years, my 5-part strategy delivers winning picks like clockwork.

And now I want to share it with you…

As you’ll see, each and every company I invest in must pass all 5 parts of my rigorous, no-exceptions evaluation.

Most won’t come close to making it past this point. But those that do have a real chance of making solid returns.

So stay tuned.

In my next column, I’ll begin showing you exactly how this strategy works.

And how you can use it to make more money than you ever thought possible.

77 Responses to The Road to Wealth is Paved By Tech



    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi Nannette,

      I like your can-do attitude. I have to say that so much about making money with stocks is taking the correct approach, which means both the right mental focus and the correct strategy. I’ll have a lot more to say about tech investing here in this space and in my upcoming newsletter.



  2. Sonja says:

    I am one of those retirees with less than $25,000 and I have to continue working. I was recently unemployed for 8 months and the only jobs available were standing on your feet for 6-8hrs at $7.25 an hour, so I am really thrilled that someone is willing to show me how to grow my savings.
    Thank you so very much.

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi Sonja,

      Thanks for taking the time to contact me and share your thoughts. Much appreciated. I’m glad to see that things seem to be improving for you. My approach to tech investing is rooted in getting consistent gains. So, keep an eye out for my upcoming columns.

      Best of luck to you,


  3. Adolfo Perez says:

    Have you heard about a dna tecknology bought by the U.S. govt. which gave it a MONOPOLY and it sells currently for .04 cents a share . It is iplanted into the products bought by the U.S. gov. so that Cinese made goods do not find their way into our radars or f-16s and such from suppliers

  4. Jack says:

    It’s hard for me to read your formula for success and not respond to you. I actually believe it was written to get just such a response as this one. No one that I know takes their entire savings and does the “all in, win or lose investment” that you wrote about. I know you to be more intelligent than that as well. There are few sure things in life, in fact, only two come to mind at the moment. Yes, one of them is more taxes…

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi Jack,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your time and your thoughts. I hope I didn’t give you the impression that I think you — or any one else for that matter — should put all your “eggs in one basket.” I never do that and do not advise that any one put all their capital into a single stock. Not ever!!

      The way to score consistent gains in the tech sector is by having a sound strategy backed by capital-preservation tactics. This is key to making money. There are a series of steps I will be recommending in this space and in my newsletter.

      Best of luck to you,


  5. Donald Greening says:

    It’s about time something gives. This road we’re on is killing our and ourchildren’s future.

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi Donald,

      You make an excellent point. As a dad with two daughters, I do worry about the nation’s financial future. We individual investors need to score consistent gains so we can provide a better life for our kids and grand kids to come. Hope you make a bundle in the market.



  6. jerry nelson says:

    for years my wife and I have struggled to just keep our heads above water….and now I have the opportunity to make some serious money simply due to her “accident of birth”….I hope the eagle-ford shale lasts for forty years….bring it on….

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi Jerry,

      Now that’s the spirit. Remember to protect your capital by following sound investment strategies. I’ll be sure to tell you more about my philosophy soon.

      Cheers and good luck,


  7. Clemens Falkhausen says:

    Dear Michael,
    I am quite surprised re your comment on Arena Pharmaceuticals. If I am not mistaken, your recommendation dates back to July 2012 (and not Jan.) and frankly, the stock has not delivered so far. Granted, more patience might be needed. However, if my recollection as to your recommendation is correct, you habe chosing a very misleading example!!!!!
    Some time ago I also wrote to you with a request for an update on Organovo and received no answer.
    Hope it works this time.

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi Clemens,

      Let me start by saying I’m sorry if you wrote to me about Organovo and I didn’t respond. I just searched all my email folders and your note is not in there. Nor can I find it on the comments section of my Feb. 26 column on the matter.

      Meanwhile, I used Arena in the story as an example of the type of gains that investors can score in a short period of time. You are correct in saying that I did not recommend Arena in Jan. 2012. I had no service at that time in which to do so.

      However, I just filed an update on the company and its languid recent stock performance on Money Morning. It ran last week. I can’t provide a link in this comments section but if you do a Web search you should be able to find it. I hope that answers your questions about Arena.

      Cheers and best wishes,


  8. George says:

    I have saved 10%/year for longer than I want to look back.
    I just let it “set” there. Pretend it to be NOT there.
    I invest some of it where NO RECORDS exist.
    Each of you must find those places for your own safety.
    Use your own imagination. Do a lot of studying, reading, asking a lot of questions.
    The FIRST RULE IS: don’t spend any of it.
    Eventually, it with be THERE. Consoling you. And, NOW, you were in control of your financial future.
    Then, I began to “share” with what I had to “help out” others with.
    I try to teach the lessons I have learned. Some listen. Many don’t.

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi George,

      Yes, it’s wise to sock away some cash to invest and make your money work for you. That’s why I was so stunned to see that many people, according to the Journal story, just haven’t take control of their financial lives. Sounds like you have a good plan. Keep working it and good luck,


    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi Angela,

      It’s never too late to start investing and growing your capital. I hope you will continue to join me here as I will be sharing additional tips, strategies and insights with the goal of helping you and others make money in tech stocks.



  9. Carolyn Addison says:

    Why should readers who initially joined your organization have to pay more to get special financial perspectives?

  10. Kenneth Dawan / Community Hall News says:

    Can I share this with my readers and Community Hall Blog Talk Radio
    program ?

  11. Ron Dugas says:

    Thank you Michael, for an interesting article about Technology companys and possibly a way to increase my retirement savings.

    I look forward to your future email articles and comments.

    Happy Easter!

  12. steve hollingsworth says:

    ok heres the deal .ive never amounted to anything, ive never had anything,yet im truely a man of integrity, recieving about 60,000 from my mom passing away,,i dont want to piss away her legacy/i really need help doing the right things to make it grow and her proud that i finnaly made good choises.please help me……steve

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for sharing you story and your candor. The main thing for you right now is to have a solid overall investment plan. That’s beyond the scope of this e-letter. However, I can show you how to grow your risk capital and turn that into more money.

      Sounds like you are a patient man. That’s a good thing because it takes time, a solid strategy and a good deal of patience to grow your savings. No investment is risk free but I have a realistic strategy for booking consistent gains.

      Best of luck to you,


  13. Anne says:

    I always like to hear what you have to say, but i have lost so badly by listening to some of the recommended picks from others that I haven’t really anything left to invest. Do you really think I should take another chance?????? Are you that sure of your recommendations? inve

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi Anne,

      I’m sorry to here that you have had some bad experiences with previous advisors. I developed my approach to help people start making money on a regular basis.

      Having said that, no investment is risk free. One of the many tactics I employ is to grow with the winners and cut the losers loose. That way your portfolio grows over time because the gains greatly outweigh the loses we all encounter from time to time in the stock market.

      I’ll hope you’ll stay with me here so I can share my insights with you. Thanks,


  14. M. R. Rehburg says:

    I am on disability, S.S.I. to be excact so I have no spare income to speak of. How can I invest with so little and make anything? Secondly I have a tech invention that WILL BE A SUCCESS! ! I need to find investors. Can you help? Point me in a direction? Or listen to my ideas? They WILL make us both very wealthy. 530-826-6125 anytime.

    • Michael Robinson says:

      Hi M.R.

      Since I’m not a registered broker-dealer, I cannot give advice to any one single individual. And to avoid confusion, we simply don’t make those kinds of phone calls.

      However, I wish you the best of luck with your invention and your investing.



  15. kenneth zink says:

    What is the best strategy to start with a small amount of money and multiply it quickly to buy the best stocks to make up for lost time, and previous losses?

  16. Graham McCarthy says:

    Michael – the 640% return you speak of is not argued. However it was not one of your recommendations until later in the piece. In fact when you did suggest a buy on the stock, you were then suggesting shortly afterwards to bail.

    In short it appears you are reporting on a historical event that we did not get to enjoy. Tell me I am wrong.

    • Michael Robinson says:

      HI Graham,

      Thanks for contacting me with your query. Much appreciated. As I said in my comments posted above, I used Arena as strictly a historical example of the kinds of gains one can make in the market.

      You are correct in that the timing also is of importance. This is outside the scope of the article but since you bring it up, you do make a good point. Arena shares sold off after the FDA approved a second obesity drug. Two new drugs in the same space just three weeks apart is virtually unheard of.

      If you do a search for me on Money Morning you will see that I just filed a piece looking at the challenges that right now face Arena. However, I am projecting a new round of gains after the red tape tying up Belviq is removed. I hope that helps.

      Cheers and best wishes,


  17. Lee Wilson says:

    interested and agree with your fundamentaL Philosophy and wouldn’t mind padding my retirement account but have done pretty well up to this point but every little bit helps right?

  18. Cogdell says:

    I’m interested unless it’s going to be one of those long videos that lead to another purchase. I’m beyond sick of those and refuse to bite!

  19. Vel Skiptic says:

    We appreciate the insightful introduction to tech as growth opportunity. However, there are so many promoters presenting the “next best thing”. Plus, it seems that 1st Q 2012 was time to buy Arena Pharma (NASDAQ: ARNA). ARNA peaked in July 2012 and then settled down to $ 8 – $ 9/share. So part of your advice would be when to sell ?? Best wishes

  20. Thelma Gay Benson says:

    I am set to try almost any thing.. I thought I had enough to retire on and then a couple of nieces moved in with their kids and no jobs or homes.. and here I sit all broke and lonely cause I helped out family.. bah hum bug….

  21. Dale Duffy says:


    All I can say is THANK YOU. I became a member of your services about a year ago, since I joined Money Morning, your and Kents recommendations have tripled my net worth. I also subscribe to other economists newsletter, but your recommendations have been the best by a long-shot. Heck, just KTOS I doubled my money in that position in a few months. Keep up the good work, I surely appreciate all you do.

  22. Bill Lehnert says:

    I’m not sure what this is all about. I hope that it is better than the other progtams that I have considered. Bill

  23. cialis france says:

    I used to be able to find good info from your blog posts.|
    Thanks for some other magnificent article. Where else could anyone get that type of information in such a perfect means of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I’m on the search for such information.

  24. Kaye Thacker says:

    I am a 76 y.o. grandma that has to support my granddaughter, who now can’t work because she has a toddler with special needs. The little we have needs to get much bigger! I would love to pay off the bills, & have some money for emergency’s. Where can I find good information from you that doesn’t cost too much, & that I can study & learn from. Already a subscriber to Nova-X. Am researching : Marijuana millionaires” & have made one buy. Signing up for a brokerage firm & making the first buy was a bit scary!

  25. Ronald Smith says:

    I am not rich, I am only trying to get in on a few California pot stocks and a few new cripto currentcies before they skyrocket, I have spent a lot of money already on your information but still do not know which stocks to buy. I can’t gamble big yet

  26. IRIS C HOOD says:

    It really sounds interesting and profitable. I believe it …!!! How and where to start? I am all ears and all actions.

    Thank you.

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