How Adult Stem Cells Will Change the World (and Benefit Biotech Investors)

18 | By Michael A. Robinson

Just last Thursday, I was at in meetings at our headquarters in Baltimore, telling my editor how excited I was to tell my Era readers about several new adult stem-cell breakthroughs.

I predicted these adult stem cell lines will play a vital role in the future of the human race.

They are crucial for two main reasons:

  • First, they’re amazing feats of science. Researchers found that they could take adult cells, like those found in your skin, and (through what seems more magic than science), give them almost the same properties as those cells that come from human embryos. That means the cells can grow to become tissue, bones, or even entire organs, like the brain and heart.
  • Second, and more to the point, I and millions of others consider this branch of stem-cell science to be ethical. It’s not the same as using embryonic stem cells, which can be very disturbing – those cells often come from aborted fetuses. Thus, advances derived from these adult stem cells don’t carry with them that huge and troubling moral debate.

Yesterday morning, back in California, I woke up to learn that the Nobel committee agrees with me…

Just this week, the world’s top scientists awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to the two men who pioneered this field for a series of experiments that (among other things) created the science of adult stem cells.

You cannot find a better scientific “stamp of approval” than the Nobel Prize. Now, researchers around the world will target adult stems cells with a passion that I predict will lead to a new round of key breakthroughs that will help us live to 100 and remain in robust health all the way there.

Indeed, I already have several new findings I can’t wait to share with you. These include a possible cure for blindness, new ways to combat brain disease, and achievements that will make this treatment option far healthier. It’s far too much to fit in one article, so I’m going to do an adult stem cells series:

  • Part One: Today, I’ll tell you the story behind the winning of the Nobel Prize.
  • Part Two: The next piece will look at a possible cure for age-related blindness.
  • Part Three: I will conclude by telling you about more breakthroughs you must know about, including something I call the New Fountain of Youth.

Let’s get started…

Until now, scientists believed that only stem cells from fetuses could be used for things like growing replacement organs. In other words, life is a one-way trip, and you can’t teach old cells new tricks.

But John B. Gurdon of the U.K. and Shinya Yamanaka of Japan found that mature cells could be returned to an embryonic-like state. After that, the cells could then be coaxed into becoming all other cells that make up the human body.

Gurdon and Yamanaka shared the 2012 Nobel for their work in so-called cellular reprogramming. Their discoveries led to a whole new wave of achievements that include everything from cloning to the possible treatment of diseases using adult stem cells.

Here’s how the Wall Street Journal described Gordon and Yamanaka’s ground-breaking work in a page-one story Monday:

“The ability to pull off this trick – the biological equivalent of turning back time – ranks as one of the more head-spinning feats of modern science. It has triggered the rewriting of biology textbooks and given birth to new areas of research.”

It all began in 1962. That’s the year Gurdon replaced the nucleus of a frog’s egg cell with a nucleus from a mature cell derived from a tadpole’s intestine. As it turned out, the egg not only grew to become a cloned tadpole, but also yielded adult frogs. In other words, the genome of even a mature cell appeared to have all the data it needed to spur its growth into all of the body’s parts.

Then, 40 years later, Dr. Yamanaka added dramatic new science to Gurdon’s early work. He showed that you could coax older, intact cells into their early state without having to transfer nuclei.

To do so, he inserted several genes into mature human cells. The result stunned the world of science – those mature cells returned to a state very much like those from embryos. Later work showed that these transformed cells could then grow in a lab dish to become heart, nerve, and other human tissue.

Today, dozens of research teams are looking for ways to turn all this into effective treatments for humans. However, to date, no humans have yet received any treatments based on adult stems cells.

But I have no doubt this this will be a major field in the Era of Radical Change.

I believe we have now passed the tipping point in this field. I predict we will at least see human trials as early as the end of this decade. Not only that, but I think it’s only a matter of time until adult stem cells become prime disease fighters for the human race. They also could lead to the growth of organs for transplant without fear that your body will reject them.

For high-tech investors like us, that means two things. This field will no doubt improve the lives of hundreds of millions around the world. That also will lower the cost of health care and lead to higher profit margins for publicly traded med-tech firms.

It also means teams at key research labs will either spin off their discoveries to create new biotech firms or license them to commercial companies.

And what a great “double play” that will be for us.

Not only we will score stock gains along the way, but our lives will greatly improve, too.

18 Responses to How Adult Stem Cells Will Change the World (and Benefit Biotech Investors)

    • George A Fortmuller says:

      I think this discovery is fantastic. I am a multiple myeloma survivor who was given 6 months to live in 1998. That’s over 14 years ago. My oncologist has told me that if I could survive, ther would be better/easier treatments in the future. You have given me renewed hope that I will eventually beat this disease with the advent of this new stemcell technology.

  1. Rupert says:

    This is wonderful.When I think of all the badly injured children and soldiers;it boggles the mind to think we can even dream of re-growing damaged, (God forbid),missing limbs and organs.Talk about science fiction?So,let’s start doing these miracles today!

  2. Marcel Thevoz says:

    re adult stem cells…
    cellular reprogramming is fine but…do you know that in your own backyard, Osiris Therapeutics
    has been producing adult stem cells for more than a decade and recently received the world’s first regulatory approval of a manufactured stem cell product and the first therapy approved for GvHD from Health Canada. Later the approval came from New Zealand. Osiris Therapeutics is located in your backyard, in Columbia MD ! symbol is OSIR, check it out !
    marcel thevoz

  3. Christer Gladh says:

    I have got adult stemcells in Lund in Sweden against cancer. The year was 2004 and it seems to be good even today.

  4. LEO ZEPEDA says:


  5. Matt G says:

    Fantastic! Where do I sign up to participate in clinical trials to grow new brain cells to replace the ones I lost to a severe head injury, sustained in a motorcycle accident 25 years ago??

  6. tomasee says:

    hello, this cells are the ones called mother cells ??? some bioquimic…said that he has found or created mother cells from the fruits and add it some thing else………………

  7. Bob Wilken says:

    Living to 100 and being healthy sounds great. However, where will all these people live? Young people will still have kids. With nobody dying unless murdered or from an accident our cities will be overpopulated. Will there be enough food, clean water, money for social security for all those extra years of healthy living. Then of course, a new thing comes along that people can now go to 150 years and so on. Housing, jails, people over crowded increases crime. Not all good news!

    • Marcel Thevoz says:

      living to 100 and beyond is a CHOICE… it will not automatically appears as a phenomena affecting everybody ! freedom of choice also applies to those
      who for any reason do not want to stay in this embodiment…I am convinced a lot of people suffering greatly, given the choice, would opt to leave… personnaly in great shape at 84, I opt for the longevity potential and see
      no problem to go over that magic number !

      marcel thevoz

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