Investing Against Coronavirus Scams Can Hand You a Stake in a Projected $231.9 Billion Industry Annually

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

With all the saturation coverage for the spreading coronavirus from China, the plight of Frank Krasovec got very little traction.

Then again, he is hardly a household name. Krasovec serves as the chairman of Dash Brands Ltd. The privately held firm owns Domino’s Pizza franchises in China.

He did not succumb to the coronavirus. Instead, he was the victim of financial fraud costing him at least $450,000.

It all started when hackers gained access to his email address and used that to commit wire fraud against him.

I’m bringing this up now because I fear that with so much worry about the new pandemic, many people may let their guard down.

Even worse, we may see hackers coming at us with phishing emails seeking donations to help those stricken with the virus when in reality they want to rob us blind.

So, there are two points I want to make here. First, be extra cautious regarding emails and access to your credit card accounts.

Second, there is a great way to cover the entire waterfront of cybersecurity in one single investment set to outperform the market for years to come

The High-Tech Outlook for the Coronavirus Crisis: Part 2

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

When we spoke on Tuesday, I made a bold prediction: the Covid-19 outbreak, while serious, will not be as bad as the worst-case predictions would have it.

For one, much of the country is already on lock-down, cutting off the spread of the disease. That is buying us some valuable time as researchers race to find a cure or at least a good treatment option.

And I’m happy to report there have been some exciting developments in the search for treatments and vaccines against Covid-19

Last week, I noted that most vaccine research remains rooted in 1950s technology.

Despite mapping the entire human genome back in April 2004, drug firms and scientists still rely on slowly growing viruses inside chicken eggs to create a vaccine.

This takes a lot of time – and a lot of eggs.

But the Covid-19 pandemic has them racing to find a treatment using novel and fascinating science.

With that in mind, today I want to take a closer look at some of the promising 21st Century research pushing the boundaries of this field

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