Can Instant Online Stores Make This Company a Success?

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Amazon’s growth is slowing. According to research firm eMarketer, Amazon has 40.4% of the $908 billion U.S. e-commerce market.

But that’s up from 39.8% last year – an increase of just 0.6 percentage points.

No wonder Amazon stock is up only 1.6% so far this year.

We need to look elsewhere for e-commerce growth.

Lucky for us, a company that is more widely known for electronic documents has quietly become an e-commerce powerhouse.

It’s all because of a platform called Magento. No, it’s not the name of a sci-fi character. It’s actually a massive win for the company I have in mind.

In fact, it’s a win so massive that it has helped this Silicon Valley leader crush Amazon by 900% so far this year, with plenty of upside ahead…

In a Tough Market, Ignore Noise and Focus On Fundamentals

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

In March 2020, the market took a hit, but anyone who thought that was a good reason to sit on the sidelines ended up missing one of the biggest comebacks in history. But, when the market looks choppy, it can be hard to find a really impressive chart.

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