Syndication Guidelines

I believe that when you syndicate our content, we both benefit. Please feel free to have a look around and repurpose any content you see fit. Also, please consult the guidelines below for the benefits and the “no-no’s.”


  1. You can write your own lead to our articles
  2. You can rewrite the headline of our articles
  3. You can remove most links within our articles and add your own

Republishing Rules:

  1. Michael Robinson’s name, title, and the Era of Radical Change website must be in the by-line.
  2. A link to must also be present at the end of the story
  3. A link to the original Era of Radical Change article must be present in the by-line or at the end of the article.
  4. Please do not use the “No Follow” variable within the HREF.

Please feel free to contact Era of Radical Change ( with any questions.


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