Legal Cannabis’ Credibility Soars With Launch of First “Pot Stock” ETF

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

We’ve been looking at legal marijuana stocks a lot lately.

If you need a reminder as to why, well, look at this…

In 2013, the market for medically “sanctioned’ marijuana was worth about $1.5 billion. It’s expected to reach $6.7 billion this year – and $35 billion by 2020. And by 2029: The market is projected to reach $100 billion.

Those are hefty numbers.

Marijuana Millions’ Northern Frontier Is Primed for Business

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

The hottest sector in the stock market is about to have one of those special “flashpoint” days.

As you know, legal marijuana is already booming in the 28 U.S. states where recreational and/or medical cannabis is legal.

Now comes the first major countrywide, full legalization of weed… in Canada.

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