Apple Crosses the “$1,000” Mark – so It’s Time for Another Prediction

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

“You heard it here first.”

That’s what the Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney said after a stock-price prediction I made during an interview rendered the polished TV host momentarily speechless.

During my Dec. 5, 2013, appearance on his popular Varney & Co., I predicted Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) shares would be taking up residence in the $1,000-a-share neighborhood pretty quickly. (Post-split, that figures as $142.85 a share.)

Now, technically speaking, you heard it here first, as I had made that same forecast six weeks earlier right here at Strategic Tech Investor.

However, as Varney’s reaction made clear, this was the first time any tech analyst had made such a bold public prediction about Apple on national television.

Since then, many have doubted me along the way. Even Varney himself has ribbed me about it more than a few times.

But I’ve always stuck by this prediction. And I hope you have, too.

If you have, you’re sitting on some tasty 80%+ gains.

That’s because Apple just broke through that $142.85 mark… shortly after noon Eastern on Tuesday, to be exact.

Where is it going from here?

Well, I’ve got another prediction…

If You Want to Double Your Money, Look Beyond the Price Tag

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

If you want to be a great tech investor, sometimes you have to forget some of your consumer habits.

From the time we’re children, we’re taught to be price sensitive, to look for bargains.

That’s a good idea in stocks, too – if you compare stocks’ price-earnings ratios and other metrics to find deals.

But too many investors just look at the “price tag.”

While comparing price tags certainly can help you out in the mall or the grocery store, it can be positively disastrous when investing.

When finding stocks, you’re shopping the future – gains and losses – not the present price.

As the four stocks we’re looking at today prove, it’s far more important to follow Rule No. 5 of Your Tech Wealth Blueprint. That rule says to “Target stocks that can double your money.”

Two of the stocks we’ll be looking at trade for more than $140 and two for more than $800.

Yet they’ve all met the mandates of Rule No. 5, and the “worst” performer in the group beat the S&P 500 by more than fourfold in the past two years.

And two of them already doubled over the period.

But they’re not done yet.

Not even close.

In fact, all four stand to gain 50% or more over the next few years.

And that means these “expensive” stocks are actually bargains.

Let’s take a look…