With This All-Star Partnership, “Mr. October” Just Became Silicon Valley’s Latest MVP

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

In 1977, outfielder Reggie Jackson was on top of the world.

Arguably the best player of the Oakland A’s dynasty, which won three straight World Series, Jackson was also the very first big-money free agent. He is also legendary for the three towering home runs he hit in during Game Six of the ’77 World Series. It was that feat that earned him the name Mr. October.

Since retiring in 1987 with five World Series rings, Jackson has been able to turn another of his great passions – American muscle cars- into a thriving tech-centric business.

The Hall of Famer’s interest in automobiles harks back to the days he spent in Rural Pennsylvania helping his father fix the vans needed for the family’s dry cleaning business.

Jackson, a case study in self-reinvention, recently launched ReggiesGarage.com. He hopes to leverage his fame and auto expertise to tap into a classic-car specialty parts market -a market that analysts have pegged at $36 billion.

Jackson started working on this specialty startup years ago. And now, following a recent team up with one of the world’s largest tech firms, Mr. October’s website is bound to be a home run for investors…

Let’s take a look…

The Secret Strategy for Finding Hidden Tech Winners

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

I’m going to share a secret with you today…

I’m going to tell you about a surprising place to find windfall tech profits.

Wall Street refers to them as “special situations.”

You might call them “turnaround plays.”

High-potential tech turnarounds don’t come along that often and can be tough to find.

But the payoff can be well worth the search.

So let me start by showing you the four tell-tale signals that can help you find these big-profit stocks…