Why “Didi Dache” Is a Phrase You Need to Know

0 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

If all you’ve been hearing regarding China recently is noise about its economic slowdown, you need to find a better news source.

Investors need to stop worrying over China’s long-expected gradual slowdown. Do so and you likely will see, as my guest today does, the long-term growth ahead for key tech sectors in the world’s most populous nation.

I’m talking about the kind of growth that will fill investors’ portfolios with soaring profits for years to come.

That’s one takeaway I gleaned from an in-depth conversation I just wrapped up with one of the tech investing world’s leading China experts. And he has plenty more evidence to debunk the “Chinese slowdown” story.

In other words, Kevin Carter is helping us “Separate the signals from the noise” – Rule No. 2 of Your Tech Wealth Blueprint.

He just returned from a trip to China, so now is the perfect time to hear what else he has to say…

Here’s How to Play IBM

0 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

Earnings season is upon us. And things aren’t looking good for International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE: IBM). And Michael just revealed a new strategy for playing Big Blue during his most recent appearance on Fox Business.

Also, with an earnings announcement just days away for Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: APPL), investors are buzzing to find out if the iDevice King can keep the momentum from its record-shattering fourth quarter going. Michael offers up his predication for the latest quarter – and explains how Apple will become the first $1 trillion market-cap company. See it all in the video.